Week 1: Monday 6/3 - Thursday 6/6 ​​​(FULL)
Week 2:  Monday 7/8 - Thursday 7/11​ (FULL)
Week 3:  Monday 8/5 - Thursday 8/8​​​ (FULL)
Campers will have a fun time making new friends, exercising their minds and bodies, playing games on the court, and learning badminton skills. Our coaches will teach campers sportsmanship skills to make sure that everyone has a welcoming experience.
Players will learn badminton techniques including: 
  • Racket Grip
  • Footwork
  • Form and Movement
  • Timing, Speed, Power, and Strategy
  • Serve and Serve Returns
AM Session: 9am - 12pm ($240/week)
PM Session: 1pm - 4pm ($240/week)
Full Day: 9am - 4pm ($425/week)
1. My kid has never or rarely played badminton before, is this a good camp for new players?
  Absolutely! Synergy summer camp is designed for players at all levels. If your child has never played before, you can register your child for public camp. If your child is more advanced and you are unsure which level your child should be placed in, email us at info@synergybadminton.com and request a 5 minutes try-out with one of our coaches determine which level is best for your child. Our coaches will create programs that teach players badminton techniques and challenge them to learn at their own individual levels and learning speeds.
2. What does my child need to bring to camp?
Every player needs to bring a pair of good running shoes that do not have black soles, a bottle of water, lunch, and snacks, and a badminton racket. If you do not have proper shoes or badminton racket, you can purchase them on-site or online at BadmintonDirect.com. Synergy also sells water, Gatorade, and snacks. Every player also needs to bring a coachable attitude - open to learning and exploring.
3. When can I pick up and drop off my child?
Please be sure to arrive at least 10 minutes early to check-in. Please plan to pick up your child within 15 minutes of the session end-time. If you would like to make special arrangements, please email us to let us know ahead of time. We offer a lounge area where players can relax during snack and social time.
4. What activities will my child do during camp?
Typically during camps, players will perform badminton exercises, practice drills, and compete in matches against each other. Campers can also choose to play Dodgeball, where players are divided into two teams and compete against each other. On Thursday, we have an ice cream social and art session between breaks where players can create and enjoy time together.